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"Congratulations you crazy kids. I'm so excited and overjoyed at the happiness and love you two show for each other. Wil I have known and loved you forever and I so happy you found the person that completes you. You deserve all the love and happiness you can hold. Dan although I just met you I instantly fell in love with you and know exactly how and why Wil fell in love with you. What an amazing man you are. I'm wishing you both the very best life can bring you. Congratulations again on your upcoming marriage but more importantly your upcoming life together forever. Hugs and kisses to you both." - Sandra

"I'm so happy for you guys!! Wil...you deserve your happily ever after and I know you've found it in Dan! Congratulations to you both and as I mentioned before...enjoy every moment leading up to your wedding day and remember to "smell the roses" on your wedding day. Take it all in and enjoy every moment!!" - Lisa

"Congratulations to both of you!!! We are so happy for both of you. We remember talking with you guys about the big day and now look it is just around the corner. We wish you two nothing but the best." - Leslie & Renee

"I love the two of you together. I love the happiness that exudes from each you. Equally. As you stand in each other's presence. I love your excitement, your joy and the infectious spirit that binds the two of you together. I am honored to be a part of your journey and I adore you. Both. Xo." - Ang

"Congrats to you two! I am so happy that you found the person for you, Dan! You so deserve it. We wish you guys a life time of happiness, love, and laughter." - Joanne

"Yay Dan & Wil!!" - Sam & Kim.

un grand merci à tous nos amis en France. - 

Dan and Wil